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Choosing Your Focus

Do you often allow external events and people to influence your mood and mind-set?  Do you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster as you go through your daily routine?  If you want to use the Law of Attraction more deliberately, you will have to take greater control over your focus.

By focus I mean, of course, your thoughts and emotions.  Because the Law of Attraction is activated by these processes, you are attracting most things by default if you’re not closely guarding the way you think and feel.

It’s definitely not easy to avoid being influenced by the things you experience day to day, especially if you’re not used to controlling your own thoughts and emotions.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you keep slipping back into old habits and losing your focus.

Below you’ll find two simple techniques that can help you regain control:

1) “I choose to believe . . .”

This statement can come in very handy when you start falling back into negative thinking.  One little thing will happen and suddenly you’ll find yourself locked into a negative state of mind where nothing is going right and nothing ever will!

When you notice this happening, take control immediately by saying things that will counteract the negative things you were just thinking.


“I choose to believe that everything will work out just fine.”
“I choose to believe that I control my thoughts and emotions.”
“I choose to believe that great success is my destiny.”
“I choose to believe that I can do anything I desire.”

Just remove the focus from negative expectations and thoughts, and replace them with more positive affirmations.

2) “I choose to feel . . .”

It’s easy to forget that you really do have the power to choose your emotional state, and this little statement can help remind you.  Whenever you notice that you’re starting to feel down or aggravated, choose the emotion you want to feel instead.

“I choose to feel calm.”
“I choose to feel happy.”
“I choose to feel inspired.”
“I choose to feel optimistic.”

Then, of course, once you’ve chosen a more positive emotion, you need to focus on actually feeling it.  That may sound difficult, but it’s not if you use the power of your thoughts!  Think about something that makes you feel calm, happy, inspired or optimistic.  It can be something from your past, something you want to experience, or something that’s just pure fantasy.  As long as it inspires the right emotions, you’re on the right track!

You may also find it helpful to go straight to the root of the problem and begin training your brain to think in new ways.  Binaural beats can alter your brainwaves in a matter of seconds, shifting you into a new state of happiness, confidence, creativity, energy - or whatever you're trying to focus on at the moment.

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