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Gratitude and Abundance

Gratitude is one emotion that works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction, especially where money is concerned. Where financial lack is present, there is a blockage of energy – some form of resistance is preventing the natural flow of abundance into the person’s life.

This can be difficult to understand by traditional lines of thought. Perhaps you are used to thinking of money as a tangible object that you have to obtain, like most people do. However, with the Law of Attraction, there is nothing to obtain, but rather ALLOW.

"Allowing," as it relates to the Law of Attraction, means being in a state of non-resistance. In other words, not blocking the flow of abundance or goodness into your life. Unfortunately, a focus on lack or struggle automatically creates blockages!

Gratitude is one easy way to dissolve those blockages and get the flow moving again. Below are three ways to use gratitude to attract more money into your life:

1) Be grateful for the money you have now.

This is obvious, but it’s something that people often overlook when they’ve been focused on lack for too long. No matter how little money you have right now, you need to move yourself into a state of appreciation and gratitude for having it at all. If it helps, you can remind yourself that some people have far less than you do.

When you pay bills, take a moment to appreciate the product or service that created it. You have already received something in return for that money, so feel grateful about being able to give something back.

2) Be grateful for the money you can’t yet see.

Even though you may be used to focusing on lack with fearful or anxious thoughts, begin focusing on it with gratitude. Affirm that even though you can’t see the flow of abundance in your life yet, you do know it’s there. Marvel at the way the universe allows you to create your own reality through the power of perception, and affirm your desire to expand your awareness of the abundance all around you.

3) Be grateful for all forms of abundance.

Abundance comes in many forms, not just monetary wealth. Make it a daily habit to express your gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful things and people in your life. Be thankful for your loved ones and friends, your job, your pets, and anything else you can think of. Affirm that it ALL comes from the same flow of abundance that money comes from, and by allowing more of all forms of abundance, you will also be allowing more money to enter your life.

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