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Gratitude and Law of Attraction

You may have heard that gratitude is powerful when it comes to the Law of Attraction, but have you considered why? The most common answer given is that focusing on things you're grateful for helps attract even more things to be grateful for. True enough! But that's not the only reason - and in fact, it's definitely not the most powerful reason.

More important than your focus is the ENERGETIC SIGNAL you are emitting when you focus on gratitude!

The Law of Attraction works according to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations, right? When you focus on gratitude, you are thinking, feeling, believing in and expecting: Happiness. Abundance. Security. Blessings. Contentment. Generally, you are telling the universe that all is right in your world!

And what does the universe answer in response? "You're right! Here's some more abundance, security, blessings, contentment, joy and anything else you desire. It's about time you allowed me to send it!"

I've believed in the power of gratitude for a long time now, but I didn't fully "get it" until recently, when I made an intention to "Live From Gratitude" for an entire day. What does that mean, to "Live From Gratitude?" I decided that I would be grateful all day long for everything I saw, felt, experienced and did. And I do mean EVERYTHING!

I said "thank you" many thousands of times that day - non-stop! From the very moment I opened my eyes, I began giving thanks for everything in my life. I thought about my loved ones and gave thanks for their presence in my life. I gave thanks for my home, my job, my car, my clothing, my health, and even my cats. Not only did I SAY "thank you" for these things, I made sure to really FEEL the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for them.

Then while I was going through my daily routine, I kept giving thanks for everything I touched, everything I saw or heard, everything I felt, and everything that happened to me. I gave thanks for the dishes while I washed them, as well as the water I was washing them in, and my hands that enabled me to wash them. With a few of the items I washed, I remembered that they were wedding presents to my husband and I, so I remembered with joy and gratitude our wedding day, and gave thanks for my wonderful husband and the life we share together.

While I worked at my job, I gave thanks for passionate work that fulfills me and allows me to make a difference in the world. I also gave thanks for the challenges my work sometimes brings, simply because they strengthen me.

I gave thanks for my feet and legs that carry me through my days, for the air rushing into my lungs (and my lungs themselves for processing the oxygen my body needs), for my eyes that enable me to gaze in wonder at the world around me - and so much more! I expressed sincere gratitude for every, tiny, little thing I saw, heard, felt, did or experienced throughout the entire day. I'm sure you can imagine, that was a LOT of gratitude! :-)

Are you wondering what happened as a result of my "Living From Gratitude?" Way too much to list here! First, my income jumped up and ended up being three times more than it normally is. Opportunities came flying in my direction, and generally really great stuff happened all day long. Lots of wonderful surprises, both big and small.

But that stuff was just surface benefits. The true gift of that day is the way I felt all day long. Never in my life can I remember feeling so humbled, so blessed, so RICH. Everything around me became SACRED in ways that I can't even describe. There were no more struggles, no more anxiety, no more fear. Everything was just . . . wonderful and peaceful. Life was good! How interesting that a simple shift in perspective could have such POWER!

That day stands out in my memory as one of the best days of my life. In fact, it was so powerful that I've since adopted my "Living From Gratitude" mind-set as an ongoing intention. Every day I strive to Live From Gratitude - and each day gets more and more magical the longer I do it.

If you haven't experienced this, then you have not given gratitude a fair chance! Try it! Try it for just ONE DAY. I promise, you will be amazed at how you feel and the wonderful things you attract into your life because of it.

By the way, you can use the power of gratitude to also attract things you want but don't yet have! Simply allow yourself to feel deeply grateful and appreciative for it - as if it were already yours. By doing so, you're telling the universe that it's yours and you appreciate having it, and the universe MUST send it on its way to you!

It REALLY WORKS - try it yourself and see! :-)

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