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Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Contrast

When Things Don't Turn Out the Way You Hoped

When you hear the words, "deliberate creation" do you imagine being able to create EXACTLY what you want in life? Do you see yourself creating the perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect body . . . perfect everything?

This is a common misconception about the Law of Attraction. Yes, deliberately altering your thoughts, beliefs and feelings DOES give you a certain amount of control over the things that manifest in your life. But that doesn't mean you will be able to control every tiny detail of those manifestations.

I like to think of the deliberate creation process as "guiding the tone" of your experiences, rather than controlling minute details. In other words, if you focus on having a fulfilling career and you align your energy with that outcome, you will get an outcome that corresponds with that "tone" of experience - which means a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment. But the universe will often fill in details that you didn't consider, or even necessarily WANT.

Does that mean the manifestation was a failure? No! It simply means that you've got some more fine-tuning to do on that subject. Now, that may sound a little depressing, but it's actually a wonderful gift!

Abraham-Hicks calls this "contrast". Contrast is anything that displeases you or makes you feel dissatisfied in your daily travels. Someone cuts you off in traffic, that's contrast. Your dream job ended up being a nightmare, that's contrast. Financial problems, contrast. Health challenges, contrast.

And what is the point of all of this contrast? It's to help you focus more clearly and decide what you DO WANT. The more clearly you know what you want, the more easily the Law of Attraction can deliver it.

Rather than getting frustrated that you can't control every little detail of your manifestations, start seeing these moments of disappointment as opportunities to focus a little more clearly, to fine-tune your idea, to expand your dreams. When contrast shows up in your daily experiences, say to yourself, "Ah, here is a great opportunity to focus on the way I'd really LIKE my life to be. What do I want in this situation?"

Then allow your mind to ponder and dream up something wonderful. Focus on the TONE you want each area of your life to have - joyful, fulfilling, exciting, thrilling, awesome - and leave the details to the universe.

If there are details that you really, really want included, then fine! Go ahead and focus on those, but be detached and open to even better details that could make you even happier when they show up. As long as you are continuously focusing on the overall "feeling" you want to have in each area of your life, you will end up with something that satisfies you.

And if there are a few little pieces of contrast included, you know how to handle them! :-)

Law of Attraction & Contrast

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