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Law of Attraction & Spending Habits

When you don’t have a lot of money, spending it seems like a reckless move. Most of us have a natural reaction to lack; we hang onto what we have a little tighter. However, where the Law of Attraction is concerned such a move will actually increase the intensity of our lack because it creates a blockage in the flow of energy through our lives. This can affect not only our financial resources, but every other area of our lives.

Before you whip out the credit card and hit the shopping mall, let’s explore a few important points about spending and the Law of Attraction:

Why does restriction cause more lack? If we think of this universe as one with finite resources, we can see the wisdom in carefully controlling how much we use. There is only a limited amount of resources available, so excessive usage will deplete the supply.

However, the Law of Attraction teaches us that our own perception of limited resources is what results in depletion. When we begin to hoard or hold back the use of resources we have, it blocks the flow of energy and creates stagnation. Stagnation will continue to pollute any new energy that manages to trickle in, which only strengthens the cycle of lack. If we instead learn how to work with what we have, we could easily expand it into more.

How do we better work with what we have? Though restricting the resources we have perpetuates the cycle of lack, spending more than we have will also create problems. The last thing you should do is use a credit card when you don’t have cash available, because you are setting up an energy deficit that will begin to eat away at not only the resources you have now, but any resources you may have coming in the near future!

Instead, make it a point to spend only what you can afford to spend right now, and spend it wisely. Purchase something that will bring greater joy and gratitude into your life, or even better – use your money in ways that can attract more money. Invest it in programs that will give you a greater return than a typical savings account, or consider starting a small business to create another opening for abundance to enter your life.

When it comes right down to it, it’s not about money; it’s about feeling wealthy. Abundance and lack are nothing more than opposite views of the same concept. Your belief that you don’t have enough money is what strengthens the reality. A focus on lack can cause you to become blinded to what you do have.

However, if you choose to see your current resources as an opportunity to attract more, you will feel more prosperous and encourage a continuous flow of money through your life.

By refusing to spend at all, you are in effect telling the universe that you don’t have "enough" – and the universe will take you at your word. If you instead find ways to make your money work for you without restricting the flow of it into your life, you will affirm to the universe that there is more than enough to go around – and there will be.

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