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Law of Attraction: The Power to Choose

One of the greatest gifts we receive as deliberate creators is an awakening to our true power to choose our life experiences day to day. Most of us are used to living our lives in response to the things we see and experience in our external surroundings. When everything moves along smoothly for us, we feel good. When things go wrong, we feel bad. We are constantly on a roller coaster of up and down emotions. In other words, we tend to take a passive role in our daily lives, rather than a proactive one.

However, the more we study and apply the Law of Attraction consciously in our lives, the more we realize that our outer experiences are simply the RESULT of what we've been thinking and feeling.

For most of my early life, I remember wondering why life had to be so HARD all the time. Everything was a struggle for me. I faced constant obstacles no matter what I was trying to accomplish, and things rarely worked out like I wanted them to. I remember writing in my diary that I felt like everything was an uphill climb for me, and I wondered if I had been born under the influence some mysterious "curse" or something! ;-)

Looking back now, I can see so clearly that I was creating ALL of it. Every day I awoke with a sense of defeat in my heart, "knowing" that things wouldn't work out for me that day. I envisioned all of the challenges I would probably have to face that day. I dreaded trying new things because I "knew" they would be difficult. I dreaded meeting new people because I "knew" they probably wouldn't like me. (Do you see a pattern here? *grin*)

Of course, all of those expectations became self-fulfilling prophecies. I was born under the influence of a curse all right - one of my own making! It's called Negativity.

My life today is so very different. I'm surrounded by miracles. Everything goes smoothly for me. Things work out the way I want them to. I've become one of those "lucky" people that receive great opportunities without having to lift a finger. I'm happy, healthy and prosperous.

What changed? MY FOCUS.

I finally awakened to the fact that I had the power to CHOOSE the experiences of my life. I finally realized that I've been choosing all along. So have you. We all have.

Since you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with the basics of the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you've even had some success using it in your own life. But if you still haven't fully awakened to your power to consciously choose your day to day experiences, here are three powerful ways to get started doing so:

1) Expect the best, always.

When you awaken each day, think about the things you want to experience that day, and mentally live them as though they are happening now. Want to win the lottery? Visualize it! Want to meet some fun new friends? Visualize it! Want to receive a raise or promotion at work? Visualize it! There are NO LIMITS to the amazing "mind movies" you can create. As you visualize these wonderful things happening to you, you are actually shifting your vibrational frequency and moving yourself into alignment with them - and with other great things that you haven't even imagined yet. Try it, it is a powerful exercise!

2) Ditch the negativity.

Fear, worry, doubt and other negative words should be stricken from your vocabulary altogether. Not only should you discard the words - discard the emotions that come along with them! If you catch yourself feeling or thinking negatively, do anything you can to shift back into a positive state of mind. Visualize something wonderful again, or do something that makes you feel happy. Be grateful. Be inspired. Consciously choose to be happy. It takes practice, but the more you focus on the positive, the more you'll find yourself naturally being positive with less effort.

3) Do only what you can.

Allow the universe to work on your behalf! If you are one of those people who feels like everything rides on your shoulders and it's "all up to you," let go of that thought as quickly as you can. Begin affirming daily that a loving universe is helping you, guiding you and smoothing the path before you. You don't have to do everything yourself! Do what you can, and then turn over the rest to the universe. You don't have to work yourself to death or figure everything out yourself.

There is more to using the Law of Attraction deliberately of course, but these three steps are powerful in their own right. Even if you made no other changes than these three, you'd still be astounded by the changes it will create in your life.

More than anything else, it's important to know that you are not a victim. You are not a passive observer. You have the power to choose. And you can exercise that power beginning now.

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