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Passion and the Law of Attraction

No matter what you do in life, doing it with passion and enthusiasm can immediately energize the Law of Attraction to work to your benefit. Does it sound too good to be true?

Here are ten reasons why passion can energize the Law of Attraction in whatever you do:

- Passion inspires you to take focused action. Though action isn’t always necessary to receive positive outcomes, it sure does help! When you take action, you are helping to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical planes of existence. Focused action can intensify and direct energy in powerful ways, which intensifies your results.

- Passion encourages creative inspiration. Have you ever received an amazing idea while you were feeling passionate and excited about something else? Passion is a higher frequency vibration that will attract more high-frequency vibrations – like creativity and ingenuity.

- Passion can inspire clarity and insight about the right path for you. Though there really aren’t any “wrong” paths in life, there are certainly easier ones and more difficult ones! The more passionate you feel about something, the more meaningful and important it will become.

- Passion blots out fear and resistance. How can you feel anxious when you’re feeling great about what you’re doing? The more you focus on passion and enthusiasm for your activities, the less likely you are to experience fear or worry.

- Passion keeps you firmly in the present moment. When you immerse yourself in what you’re doing at the moment, there is little chance of you worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. This allows you to devote more of your focus to your current activities, which will allow you to better enjoy them, as well as intensify the results you get from them.

- Passion provides a great escape from dissatisfaction. Shifting your attention away from what you don’t want allows you to better focus on what you do want. The more time you can devote to activities that make you feel passionate, the less time you will be dwelling on negative stuff – and attracting more of it!

- Passion directs a stronger intensity of energy toward your desired outcome. If you do something halfheartedly, you might receive watered-down results, but doing it with passion virtually guarantees that your results will be excellent.

- Passion is an investment in more opportunities to feel passionate! Remember that the more you focus on something you really enjoy you will begin to attract more things to really enjoy. It also works the same for other emotions like joy, peace, love, and gratitude.

- Passion can extend your endurance. When you feel passionate about what you’re doing, you can easily get lost in it and accomplish much more than you would otherwise. This can also create more expansive results than you would otherwise receive.

- Passion can inspire quicker results in any endeavor. Whether you’re focused on increasing your financial abundance or creating a work of art, you’ll be putting forth a strong intensity of emotion so your results will usually appear much more quickly than they would otherwise.

Remember, any strong emotion you express will emit powerful vibrations to the universe and eventually return to you in the same or similar form. Since you want your results to be as positive as possible, try infusing whatever you do with passion and watch as it creates a continuous flow of joy and abundance in your life.

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