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Surrender and Law of Attraction

What do you do when you're extremely unhappy with where you are now and want to use the Law of Attraction to call forth better circumstances?

One bit of common advice given to people in this type of situation is to visualize something better and generate emotions that correspond with peace, abundance, happiness and contentment. This is a good start, but it can be challenging to set aside feelings of dissatisfaction and replace them with happiness - not only does it often seem impossible to do, you usually feel like a faker while you're doing it!

Inside you know that you're not really happy or content. You're ticked off that the Law of Attraction doesn't seem to be working for you, and the longer you go without any results the more ticked off you get.

But there is another effective technique for dealing with frustration: surrender.

Surrender to your current life circumstances humbly and gracefully.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means stopping the struggle. Giving up the fight. Awakening to the realization that the more you fight something, the stronger and more pervasive it will become in your life. Fighting is not the way to peace - surrender is.

When you read the word "surrender," you probably relate it to "defeat" but the two are entirely different. Defeat means you've lost the battle; it denotes weakness. Surrender means you've chosen not to fight and struggle anymore, and this decision comes from a place of POWER. The power comes from taking ownership of where you are today and knowing that you can create something better in the future - not by fighting and struggling but rather by letting the universe guide you in every step you take. It's the difference between trying to force something to happen or easing gently into it.

Why would you want to do this? Because the Law of Attraction is activated by your own thoughts and emotions. The more you fight and struggle and complain, the more "negative" stuff you're attracting into your life! If you instead let go of the struggle, you change the signal you send out - which will improve the results you get.

Okay, so how exactly do you surrender? Here are three ways that always work wonders for me:

1) Find a way to be happy where you are now.

No, not FAKE happiness but genuine peace and acceptance of your current life circumstances. You don't have to love them, but you do have to be willing to accept them 100% and not feel bitter about it. Whatever situations you wish you could change, adjust them in your own mind so that you can fully accept them and feel grateful for them right now. That may mean stepping back from relationship turmoil, finding new meaning in your work or letting go of your fear of lack. Simply surrender and feel good about where you are right now, no matter what mind-set you must adopt to do it.

2) Envision something better.

Once or twice a day, spend a few minutes visualizing better life circumstances. However, don't focus on the specific details. This may go against advice you've heard before, but I have good reason for suggesting it. Your frustration is caused by the inability to change your situation into what you want it to be. You've got a detailed picture in your mind of what would "make you happy," and you're not willing to let go of it. But the more you focus on those details, the more dissatisfied you'll feel when they don't appear!

Instead, hand over the entire situation to the universe and focus instead on how you want to FEEL. Rather than visualizing yourself with a specific job, specific partner or a specific amount of money, imagine having work that makes you feel passionate and fulfilled. Don't worry about what it will be; just let the universe lead you to it. See yourself happily engaged in a healthy, loving relationship. Don't put a face or details on this person, just know that he or she is perfect for you in every way. Imagine yourself having a constant flow of abundance and prosperity each day, rather than getting stuck on trying to attract a certain dollar amount.

3) Let go of rigid expectations.

Rather than needing to see results by a specific date or timeframe, let go and let it flow naturally. Let the universe decide when your soulmate, life purpose, abundance and everything else will arrive. This may sound impossible to do because most of us like to feel in control of the "how and when," but if you're genuinely working on the two previous steps above it will be quite easy to do.

Does this idea of surrendering frighten you a little bit? Are you afraid to let go because you'll end up with something you don't want?

Let me tell you a secret: amazing things can happen when you surrender. According to my own experience, energy logjams are often freed instantly, blockages dissolve, frustration melts away and peace comes flooding in to take its place.

Even better, this state of surrender creates an opening for inspiration and insight to enter. When you free your mind from all the "gotta, wanna, can't, why isn't it working?!!!" noise, you suddenly see a whole new world of possibilities you missed when you were so busy trying to force events to go your way.

As strongly as you may feel you know what is best for you, be willing to consider that the universe has something even better in mind. You might be so focused on trying to call forth a penny that you don't notice the universe trying to hand you the key to the Universal Vault of Immense Abundance and Joy. Surrender is that key, and it can change your life if you let it. ;-)


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