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The Power of Pretending

Are you still struggling to get the Law of Attraction to work for you? Or maybe you've seen some results but want to take it to the next level? Either way, I'm going to share a fantastic game with you today that will drastically boost your ability to attract the things you want!

Before I do, however, I want to explain why this process works so effectively.

As you may already know, the Law of Attraction is activated according to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations in every moment. Whatever you're "thinking, feeling, believing and knowing" RIGHT NOW is what you are attracting.

What are you thinking, feeling, believing and knowing right now? Are you focused on something that makes you feel angry or frustrated? Something that frightens you? Something that upsets you and makes you feel powerless? Or are you focusing on something that makes your heart pound with excitement and joy?

Believe it or not, it matters because you are ASKING for those things in every moment. To really get the Law of Attraction working effectively for you, you'll need to learn how to "think, feel, believe and know" something better.

And one great way to do that is by engaging in a bit of fantasy.

Bring to mind something wonderful that you want to attract into your life. It can be more money, a better job, a loving relationship, better health, or anything else. Keep focusing until you have a crystal-clear picture of it in your mind. Can you see it in glorious detail? Okay, good!

Now, consider how you would FEEL if that object or experience were already your reality. Would you feel happy, content, secure, excited, joyful, grateful . . . ? Imagine that you already have it right now, and focus on FEELING exactly like you would if it really was your current situation.

Can you feel it? Continue to let your emotions grow stronger, more positive, and more powerful! Stay with those feelings of pleasure and joy and gratitude, and let them take over your mind and body. You feel SO AMAZING, SO WONDERFUL, SO HAPPY! Life is great because you already have everything you've been wanting for so long.

Stay in this focus for as long as you can - but at least for 5 to 10 minutes. If you generated enough positive emotion, you should feel much calmer and happier by the time you're finished.

THEN - as you continue with your normal routine, consciously focus on living from the perspective of someone who already has what they want. Whatever you're trying to bring into your life, keep thinking, feeling, believing and knowing that you already have it, as often as possible!

That includes generating strong, positive emotions about your desires as much as you can, and it will also involve consciously avoiding getting entangled in negative emotions that contradict what you're trying to attract!

For example, if you're trying to attract more money into your life, you wouldn't want to spend time worrying about how you'll cover your bills this month, or get upset when an unexpected expense comes up. When you do those things, you are "thinking, feeling, believing and knowing" that LACK IS YOUR REALITY. The universe picks up that signal and reinforces the illusion of lack in your life.

However, if you instead keep "thinking, feeling, believing and knowing" that abundance is your reality, you will be sending a completely different signal to the universe!

Can you sense the power of this exercise? The more you focus on ALREADY HAVING what you want, you are affirming that "reality" to the universe! The universe then MUST shift circumstances to make it so.

One word of caution: don't expect yourself to get this "perfect" right from the start. Most likely you'll swing back and forth between your old focus and your new, more powerful focus for awhile. That's okay! Just keep working at it, and eventually you're going to tip the balance from lack to abundance (or from bad to good) - and eventually you'll be focusing MORE on what you want, and LESS on what you don't want. When that happens, you're on the road to being a powerful, dynamic conscious creator!

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